From father to son
The B-TEK Company is a company operating in the field of the precision TURNING AND MILLING since 1986 (Before as Ditta Idris Baraldi). This company was hardly wanted by the owner Mr. Baraldi.
In 1988 Mr.Baraldi was supported by his son Luca and together they started investing in high technology. Therefore they substituted all the old and traditional machines with more sophisticated and new CNC machines.
In 2012, remains as owner only the son, Luca Baraldi. Two years later, in 2014, enters into the company a valid collaborator, Mr Domenico D'Agnelli, already present in the company since 2008, as head of production and office technical.
Quality Policy

The application of the Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015, is for B-TEK S.r.l. the cornerstone of Customer Satisfaction, for the involvement of staff in business activities and the for the improvement of company's processes.

La B-TEK S.r.l. bases its own operational choices on concepts of:

  • Respect for expectations and commitments with their customers;
  • Reliability of the product realized, the operating modes and the service provided;
  • Respect, in the productions, of current legislation and contractual requirements;
  • Valorisation of human resources through continuous training and training activities;
  • Processes, as a whole, of activities carried out in the company to meet the requirements and expectations;
  • Flexibility of a small company while guaranteeing quality standards for products at the level of large industries;
  • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System

Therefore, the B-TEK S.r.l. undertakes to:

  • develop the "culture" of quality throughout the company
  • Certify and maintain a Quality Management System conforming to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015;
  • assign the client a central role in the strategies and processes of company improvement;
  • seek optimization of business processes in order to reach the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Understand the needs and expectations of stakeholders;
  • Involve its employees and suppliers in applying company procedures and defining the improvement goals and quality system development plans;
  • adapt, in its own way, to the defined contractual arrangements;
  • improve their operating methods by orienting them to preventing any inefficiencies;
  • Define and assign function managers a structured framework of quality objectives that will be reviewed periodically;
  • make available to the stakeholders the policy;
  • make investments in order to optimize the corporate organization, the work environment, machinery and equipment, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force;
  • monitor and maintain Customer satisfaction level at optimum levels;
  • Periodically review this policy to ensure its suitability.

B-TEK srl
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Azienda con Sistema Qualità Certificato UNI EN ISO 9001:2015